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Spontaneous also doesn’t look like: You haven’t heard from them for several days, a week, a few weeks, or even months and then a text comes through “Hey…hope you’re well. ” And then after you spend time together, you don’t hear from them again for another several days/weeks/months until the next textvite comes through. You can be damn sure that it also doesn’t sound like a call after dark asking whether they can ‘come over’ – that’s a booty call.time I hear from you is when you’ve seized the itch in your pants, or your ego needs some pumping, or when you’ve finally decided to get around to thinking of me and considering me in your plans at the last moment, I’d rather take a raincheck. Just like the whole ‘busy’ issue, it’s a question of valuing other people’s time.Instead of giving a big explanation or even a small one, just say that you’ve made other plans, which you should do anyway as leaving yourself as an option makes you a passenger giving people the option of choosing you, while already chosen them.They’ll either meet you in the middle and make plans, or beat it.Them doing things on their terms and you being shoehorned into one way or the other is passive aggression.

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This is what spontaneous looks like: You’re dating or in a relationship for a while, you see each other regularly, make plans in advance and then one day they phone up and say or giving a gift just because.

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It’s also important to consider the bigger picture: If someone rarely plans ahead, them leaving things till the last minute isn’t spontaneous – it’s routine.

This is a bit like the person who is so inconsistent that they become consistent at being inconsistent. If you have a healthy, mutual partnering and they surprise you periodically or you both decide to do things on the spur of the moment, spontaneity.

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